Welcome to the Miller Drug Elephant Ear Wash System Information Page. The Elephant Earwash System is manufactured by Dr. Easy, designed by a doctor for safe removal of excess earwax buildup. Though originally created for physician use, its operation is simple and the device is inexpensive enough to be practical for home use. The Elephant Ear Wash System uses a hose attached to a spray bottle to make more careful positioning of your earwash spray stream possible.

An Easy Earwash System For Home or Physician Use

The Elephant Earwash System is an affordable earwasher that is simple enough to use at home and effective enough that it is used by many physicians and doctors offices. The unique hose design allows for easy positioning of the earwash solution stream, ensuring the best possible clean with the least possible hassle. Designed by a physician, the spraybottle provides enough water pressure to quickly and thoroughly clean ears, and holds enough solution to clean both ears without refilling. It's a great tool for anyone who has trouble with waxy buildup in the ears, and an alternative to costly doctors office visits for cleanings.

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Hygenic Disposable Earwasher Tips

The Elephant Ear Wash System uses disposable irrigation tips to help limit the transmission of infection from use to use. This is especially helpful for physicians who use the ear wash system on multiple patients, but also helps home users by limiting re-exposure to bacteria that may have been present in the ear during an earlier ear cleaning session. These same tips also work with the hoseless  Rhino Earwash System.

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A Safe Alternative to Ear Candling

The Elephant Ear Wash System is a safe home method of cleaning the ears, as opposed to the dangerous and ineffective alternative ear cleaning method of ear candling or ear coning. The Elephant Ear Wash irrigation tips are small, preventing users from inserting the device too deeply and damaging sensitive internal parts of the ear canal and the tympanic membrane. There is no fire involved so there is no risk of burning yourself or your surroundings. In fact some home users use the Elephant Ear Wash system while in the shower! The FDA and other health safety organizations have warned the public of  the dangers of ear candling.

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